Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You have a promotion you need to communicate, or a sale, or a new blog post is up on the website, or a piece of PR just landed. How do you let your customers know what's happening with your brand? Email Marketing. I have experience in Bronto, Emma, and Mailchimp, and can create compelling email marketing campaigns leveraging your brand's target initiatives. 

Osloh Bicycle Jeans Holiday Send  - Promoted their Holiday Sale while also highlighting customer service and sneak peaking the launch of their new women's specific product. 

Osloh Bicycle Jeans Porteur Launch - Kicked off their women's line with gorgeous photography while also tying into the ongoing Holiday Sale.

Walleräng eBike Launch - Exciting new changes were happening at Walleräng, and they wanted to make sure their customers knew of all the upgrades. This email's purpose was informative, while also reminding customers why they loved Walleräng in the first place. 

VYNL Race Bikes Grinduro Ho! - VYNL Race Bikes had some pretty big adventures we wanted to share with customers, and this email's purpose was to promote other content on the site and strengthen brand relationships. 

“On the highway to user/product love, lifecycle emails are road signs providing timely guidance, not annoying billboards.” - Samuel Hulick